The new season of the Ponte

Vittorio Fusari is the new chef at the “Pont de Ferr”, the osteria in Milan with one Michelin Star in the heart of the Navigli district. Finished in February, the long working partnership with the Uruguayan Matias Perdomo- who deserves a big thank you for the happy path traveled together – and Maida Mercuri has chosen a chef solidly Italian, capable as few others of combining virtuous tradition and modern thought/thinking.

He was born and raised in the Franciacorta vineyards. Vittorio Fusari achieved the Michelin star at his first restaurant, “Il Volto”, just a walking distance from the Iseo lakefront. His experience was ennobled by the interlude at “Le Maschere”, the gastronomic jewel that has deeply influenced the culture of the Franciacorta food & beverage. He is an educated and passionate spokesman who is historically well known for his relationship with Slow Food.

His last opening, carried out with the entrepreneur Vittorio Moretti (Bellavista, Contadi Castaldi, L’Albereta … ) is part of an innovative project. “La Dispensa Pani e Vini in Franciacorta” of Adro, is at the same time winebar, food emporium, gastro-bar and restaurant.

Fusari will keep a working relationship with “La Dispensa”, while as of April 1st the “Pont de Ferr” will become his election place, where ideas and the best cuisine of the Third millennium is proposed: sustainable, generous, and, in our opinion, damn good food.

Milano, 18 Marzo 2015

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